JCI Ramechhap Food Distribution Program
2020-06-27 / 2020-06-27     03:00:00pm - 05:00:00pm    
Location : Kusunti- Lalitpur Organized By : JCI Ramechhap

JCI Ramechhap Food Distribution program organized by the Ramechhap Jaycees  for Nepal Snehi kaakha at kusunti lalitpur. Above 75people form them children, old age and mentally disable people are staying at Snehi kaakha.  Ramhari Sapkota (EVP) was the co-ordinator of this programe. We have distributed 375 Kgs rice, pulse 25 Kgs, biskut 100pcs , Oil 10 Ltrs, Salt 15 Kgs for this organization. We designed this programme at the sustainable development Goal no. 2 zero Hunger. This program maintaining   social distances between communities expectation and Jaycees's contribution. . It show the bold personality of Jaycees in Community at demanded period

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