Understanding Your Personality
2020-05-24 / 2020-05-24     02:24:00pm - 03:30:00pm    
Location : Virtual Organized By : JCI Patan Lady

“Understanding your personality leads to understanding others. Understanding others leads to good relationships in your personal and professional life. By this main Moto we patan Lady conducted the training on "Understanding your personality" on 2020.

The session was lead by a John Maxwell coach and trainer, Mr. Ajaya Regmi - Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker, who has 13 years of experience in training. JCI Patan Lady appreciates this important learning and insightful lesson on the understanding our own personality.

This session helped us also learn how to deal with people of various personalities. A simple yet powerful way of teaching with practical tools made it more effective.

It is an honor for JCI Patan Lady to have this session.

Thank you to all the participants for your active participation on such pandemic situation of covid-19.
Stay safe, stay healthy


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