International Assigned Vice-president Visit
2019-02-15 / 2019-02-15     02:00:00pm - 04:00:00pm    
Location : Indrayani Pith, Bhaktapur Organized By : JCI Bhaktapur Lady

This program is regarding the visit of our nation's assigned International Vice-president JCI Sen. Arpit Hatti to our LOM Bhaktapur Lady Jaycees. This program has been organized by our LOM Bhaktapur Lady Jaycees with the coordintaion with our mother chapter Bhaktapur Jaycees. Likewise, our International Vice-president JCI Sen. Arpit Hatti was taken to visit and glance the environment of our Jaycees projects i.e CBR ( an institution that has been established for the welfare and development of differently abled people), RCRD ( an institution functioning as the rehabilitation centre) and Jaycees School ( an educational institution operating as the community based educational organization for the contribution towards the academic sector of the community that directly has a good  role for our nation's educational status). These are the major project visit that have been experienced by our respected Assigned International Vice- president JCI Sen. Arpit Hatti during his visit to the wonderful and culturally glorified city Bhaktapur/ Bhaktapur Lady Jaycees. 

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