Covid-19 Awareness program
2020-03-09 / 2020-03-09     07:00:00am - 09:30:00am    
Location : Budhnilkantha Municipality, Chabehil Area Organized By : JCI Kapan

On 9th march 2020, JCI Kapan has conducted awareness program about the major symptoms of the recent pandemic Corona virus and the way to get rid of it. The campaign took place in 10 major chowks of Budhanilakantha municipality where we have placed banners in each chowk and distribute pamphlets to around 200 people. The program was coordinated b Joint Secretary JC Pradish Khanal where president, Past presidents, board members of JCI Kapan & ward no. 10 chairperson of Budhanilakantha Municipality were present.

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