Orientation on right on women in Nepal
2019-03-08 / 2019-03-08     11:30:00am - 03:30:00pm    
Location : Gagalphedi Organized By : JCI Manohara

Orientation on Rights of Women in Nepal:

On the auspicious occasion of 109th International Women’s Day JCI Manohara organized an orientation program titled “Rights of the Women in Nepal”. The aforementioned program was held on Friday, 8th March, 2019 at Gagalfedi, Kageshwori Manohara, Kathmandu. The program was concluded under the chairmanship of Jc Rajani Thapa, President, JCI Manohara, Kathmandu. The co-coordinator of the program was Jc Sakshyam Khadka. Simlilarly, the total number of participants was thirty two (32).


Objective of the program:

·         To empower women with adequate knowledge on social, legal rights and duties of women in Nepal.

·         To motivate the participations to unleash the hidden capabilities of women to lead a family, society and the nation.

·         To counsel participants on daily problems faced by women in everyday life.

·         To encourage and enhance advocacy skills of the participants on Women Rights.


Outcome of the Program:

·         The program included an interactive session which helped the women participants to speak up their problems faced in the daily life.

·         The participants admitted that the program benefitted them to think beyond social dogma and stigma face by Nepalese Society.

·         The participants were thankful to JCI Manohara and JCI fraternity at large for providing opportunities to acquire distinct knowledge on women rights and develop leadership skills.

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