Jaycees Nyano Abhiyan 2019 - Shree Dyama Jagat Bidhyasharm, Thimi
2019-02-02 / 2019-02-02     11:00:00am - 02:00:00pm    
Location : Shree Dyama Jagat Bidhyasharm, Thimi Organized By : JCI Patan

Patan JCI embarked upon their second phase of Jaycees Nyano Abhiyan 2019 jointly with Thimi Jaycees at oldage home, Shree Dyama Jagat Bidhyasharm located at Thimi under the coordinatorship of JC Prabesh Malla, Vice President, Patan JCI and JC Jeevan Shrestha, Secretary General, JCI Thimi on February 2, 2019.Patan JCI and Thimi JCI collaborated and distributed woollen shawls and food packages to the Amaas of the Bidhyasharm respectively.

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