Meeting Procedure and Parliament Procedure Training 2019
2019-02-09 / 2019-02-09     09:00:00am - 05:00:00pm    
Location : Yak Palace, Pulckowk, Lalitpur Organized By : JCI Patan

With the belief of learning and gaining knowledge, JCI Patan conducted their first multi chapter training on Meeting Procedure and Parliamentary Procedure with JCI Lubhu and JCI Kirtipur on February 9, 2019, Saturday. The training was conducted by JC Sajan Lal Pradhan (Past President 2002, JCI Basamadi). The training was one day long, which included both the theoretical and practical sessions. It was very informative and constructive training through which the members of different chapters got an opportunity to learn about the meeting procedure and clear out their queries regarding the procedures.

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