Get Together and Closing Ceremony
2019-07-23 / 2019-07-23     01:34:00pm - 05:34:00pm    
Location : @Moon Moon Villa, Lamki, Kailali Organized By : JCI Lamki

On 23rd July, Get Together and Closing Ceremony was organized under the chairmanship of Jc Ishara Thapa @ Hotel Moon Moon Villa, Lamki Kailali.Past presidents of Jci Lamki and Lady, Chiefs of different offices, other distinguished personalities of the society were invited on that programme. Different personalities who contributed in Jaycees Movement honored and Tokens of Love provided.Founder president Jci Sen.Hemant Kumar Basnet was the Chief Guest of that programme.At last Joint Jaycees Week ended formally and all the guests participated in reception provided by Jci Lamki and Lady.

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