2019-07-24 / 2019-07-24     09:00:00am - 12:30:00pm    
Location : Gagalphadi Organized By : JCI Manohara


JCI MANOHARA organized an event titled “MINUTES OF RELIEF” which was held on 24th July, Wednesday at Gagalphedi, Kageshowri Manohara under the chairmanship of Jc Rajani Thapa, President, JCI MANOHARA. The event was concluded in Bal Uddhar Ma Vi (Secondary School) located in ward no.1 Kageshwori, Manohara. The program coordinator of the program was Jc Bibek Thapa. The total number of the participants in the program was 65 excluding the members of JCI MANOHARA.


Objectives of the Program:

·         To provide adequate knowledge on cultured behavior and etiquettes to the participants.

·         To encourage participants to preserve their respective good communal culture.

·         To empower participants with optimistic thinking towards life and surroundings.

Outcome of the Program:

·         The participants were found have acquired more knowledge on discipline, etiquettes and decent behavior.

·         The participants were found to have realized the importance of good culture and traditions thus were encouraged for preserving their respective good culture and traditions.

·         The program motivated the participants to think positively.20190724_154720jpg



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