Jaycees Week Day 3 : Heritage Talk by JCI Kirtipur
2019-09-22 / 2019-09-22     01:00:00pm - 05:00:00pm    
Location : Panga, Kirtipur Organized By : JCI Kirtipur

Heritage Talk took place in Jestha Nagarik Samaj, Panga, Kirtipur at 1 pm. It's said that every person must grow old to gain all the experience life has to offer. Jaycees Week Day 3. Heritage Talk and offering food to all elderly people. We served food to all the elders there. After that we had talk with some of the elders in the topic of Culture and Heritage. The change of culture in their period and in the present scenario. What were the things that we have lost in terms of language, monuments, festivals and culture. It was a very fruitful talk. There were about 155 elders with whom we had talks in general.

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