JCI KIrtipur - Jaycees Week 2019 (on the occasion of Tourism Day and Visit Nepal 2020)
2019-09-20 / 2019-10-28     08:00:00am - 11:30:00am    
Location : Kirtipur Organized By : JCI Kirtipur

On the occasion of World Tourism Day on 27th September 2019 JAYCEES WEEK 2019 was organized from 20th September 2019 to 26th September 2019. It was also an awareness to all the stakeholders and individuals of Kirtipur to be prepared for VISIT NEPAL 2020. JCI Kirtipur in collaboration with different organizations successfully organized a week long program.
The objectives of the program are:
• To spread the awareness of importance of cultural heritage and its importance to increase tourism.
• To clean all the heritage sites and spread the words of cleanliness in heritages.
• To educate school students along with new guides the detailed information on heritage.
• To interact with senior citizens on the heritage and culture in their time and current time.
• To spread words of heritage art.
• To gain the opinion of people in local heritages and tourism.
• To organized panel discussion with different special panelists.

Detailed activities are:
• Day 1, 20 September : Heritage Cleaning
• Day 2, 21 September : Heritage Walk
• Day 3, 22 September : Heritage Talk
• Day 4, 23 September : Inter School Heritage Art Competition
• Day 5, 24 September : Heritage Wall Art
• Day 6, 25 September : Interaction with Youth
• Day 7, 26 September : Heritage Panel Discussion and Prize Distribution & Conclusion

• Day 1 - Heritage Cleaning

JCI Kirtipur celebrated Day 1 of Jaycees Week 2019 with Heritage Cleaning Campign on 20th September 2019. Cleaning started from Chilancho Bihar, Kirtipur along with cleaning all along the way to Lho Dega, Bagh Bhairav Premise and finally to Uma Maheshwar Temple premises. On the way interviewing many local personalities like Mayor of Kirtipur Municipality Mr Ramesh Maharjan and very renowned Artist of Kirtipur Mr Rajman Maharjan.

JCI Kirtipur members took full responsibility of this program and it started approximately at 7:30 AM. Gloves and masks were provided by Ward No 2.

• Day 2 : Heritage Walk

JCI Kirtipur celebrated 2nd Day of Jaycees Week 2019 with Heritage Walk in collaboration With Kirtipur Guide Association, Kirtipur on 21st September 2019. It started from Chithu, Kirtipur at 8 AM along with Tanani, Chilancho, Lho Dega, Bagh Bhairav Premise and finally to Tham Bahal premises. On the way interviewing many local personalities.

Participants were members of JCI Kirtipur, members of Kirtipur Guide Association, Scouts of Creative Academy along with teachers, local representatives. Rajkumar Maharjan – The local cleaning Activist sponsored the snacks for the participants. Total number of participants were about 120.

• Day 3, 22 September : Heritage Talk

Heritage Talk took place in Jestha Nagarik Samaj, Panga, Kirtipur at 1 pm. It's said that every person must grow old to gain all the experience life has to offer. Jaycees Week Day 3. Heritage Talk and offering food to all elderly people. We served food to all the elders there. After that we had talk with some of the elders in the topic of Culture and Heritage. The change of culture in their period and in the present scenario. What were the things that we have lost in terms of language, monuments, festivals and culture. It was a very fruitful talk. There were about 155 elders with whom we had talks in general.

• Day 4, 23 September : Inter School Heritage Art Competition

Jaycees Week Day 4 - Heritage Art Competition started at 12 noon and ended at 3 pm. It was organized by JCI Kirtipur on 23rd September 2019. There were altogether six schools and 27 participants altogether. Chief Judge was Rajman Maharjan, Purba Pragya Lalit Kala Pratisthan and event coordinator was Nagendra Singh. Schools participating were Mangal Secondary School, Janasewa Secondary School, Gorakhnath Secondary School, Kirtipur Secondary School, Creative Acadamy, Hill-Town International School.
    Runner-Up : Shreeya Maharjan (Creative Acadamy)
    Winner : Ankit Maharjan (Creative Acadamy)

• Day 5, 24 September : Heritage Wall Art

Jaycees week Day 5 was Heritage Wall Art. We drew Visit Nepal 2020 logo with JCI Kirtipur logo in Kirtipur Loktantrik Chowk.

• Day 6, 25 September : Interaction with Youth

Jaycees week, Day 6 was Interaction with Youth about Heritage and after coming to the sixth day on 25 September 2019. As per schedule we interviewed many people on Heritage and we were at Taudaha premises in Kirtipur Municipality. We interacted with many people along the way youths, elders, Local people, Staffs and gathered many information. We came to know their perspective towards Taudaha and its importance naturally, religiously and beauty wise. We compiled some of the clips and uploaded in Youtube too.

• Day 7, 26 September : Heritage Panel Discussion and Prize Distribution

We closed our 1 week program with panel discussion and prize distribution program on 27th Sept, 2019. Our program was commenced by JC Aashish Singh at 8 am, followed by National Anthem, reciting JCI creed by our heart, and the welcome speech of our president JC Rabindra Maharjan. We conducted our panel discussion on the theme of “Tourism Development” with panelists: Mr. Milan Rai, Mr.Ramesh Man Dangol, Mr.Pradip Maharjan,and Mr.Bajramuni Bajracharya.

Mr. Milan Rai, an interdisciplinary artist, who has created VRIKSHA – an eco-art project did a valuable presentation on his outstanding deeds, struggle, ongoing projects and future plans. Likewise, Mr. Ramesh Man Dangol, tourism representative of Kirtipur Municipality talked about how we can foster the development of tourism in Kirtipur area. Our another panelist, who made his precious time for us was Mr.Pradip Maharjan who has been working for facilitating the tourists via managing “homestay” presented his idea precisely. He shared his ideas of providing the hospitality to the tourists through the fusion of modern and ancient designs of lodging and fooding. On the other hand, Mr. Bajramuni Bajracharya made clear about how tourism can be promoted in Kirtipur area through our cultural dances and jatras. We can showcase the 12 years of Kirtipur Jatra, other cultural programs like Lakhe Nach and other Jatras were some of the important points shared by him. Our participants did in-depth discussions on tourism development in Kirtipur area with the panelists. We successfully completed our last day by distributing prizes to winner and 1st runner up of our art competition- on the theme of “Culture & Heritage”.

Finally, we wrapped up our last day by distributing the “Certificate Of Participation” & “Certificate of Appreciation” to the panelists and other participants from various distinguished organizations as a expression of gratitude for making our “Jaycees Week , 2019” successful in a best possible way.

The program received praise from the spectators as well as distinguished community members. These are some of the outcomes listed below:
• Positive attitude towards Heritage and its importance in Kirtipur.
• Motivation among youth regarding tourism.
• Support from local stakeholders and their realization that a lots of improvement which needs to be done for developing tourism in Kirtipur.
• Awareness to the people that they should clean up their heritage.
• People gained a lots of knowledge about history, religious importance on local temples and heritage sites that they didn’t know.
• We got to learn old lifestyles, state of old heritage sites, festivals from the elders and developed an idea how we can preserve these.
• We got to learn the weaknesses of stakeholders and we suggested them what can be done that they can prepare for VISIT NEPAL 2020.

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