JCI Patan, Jaycees Week 2018
2018-09-30 / 2018-10-06     07:00:00am - 06:00:00pm    
Location : Lalitpur, Patan Organized By : JCI Patan

JCI Patan, Jaycees Week 2018

Day 1: Jaycees Week Opening, Dashain Celebration and Facilitation Programme

On 29th September 2018 (13th Asoj 2075), Saturday JCI Patan had the opening ceremony of Jaycees Week 2018. JC Ramu Tamrakar (PP 2015) was invited as a chief guest and the program was followed by the Dashain Celebration’s lunch.

Day 2: Health Camp

On 1st October 2018 (15th Asoj 2075) i.e. the second day of Jaycees Week, Patan Jaycees with the motive of service to humanity is the best work of life, had a free Blood Pressure and Sugar Level check-up along with a normal health check-up program at Maharani Pokhari, Mangalbazar. The health camp was supported by the doctors and nurses from Sumeru City Hospital, Pulchowk,

Day 3: Team Building and Motivation Training programme 

On 2nd October 2018 (16th Asoj 2018) JCI Patan had the third day of Jaycees Week 2018 which was followed by the Team Building Training. The training was trained by the trainers of The British College Jessica Richards and Camella Cunningham. It was a wonderful session and the students from different government school enjoyed and learnt a lot.

Day 4: Inter School Oratory Competition 

On the 4th day of Jaycees Week 2018 i.e. 3rd October 2018 (17th Asoj 2075) we had inter school oratory contest competition. The topic for oratory competition was “Lead to Impact”. 

The judges for the oratory contest were JC Niken Man Pradhan (GLC 2018), Jessica Richards from The British College and JC Mijash Chitrakar (EVP 2018).

Day 5:  Inter School Art Competition 

On the 5th day of Jaycees Week 2018 i.e. 4th October 2018 (18th Asoj 2075) we had inter art competition. The topic for art competition was “Nature and Us”.

The judges for Art competition was respected Batsa Gopal Baidhya. 

Day 6:   Emcees Training Programme

On the 6th day of Jaycees Week 2018 i.e. 5th October 2018 (19th Asoj 2075) we had emcee training. The training was given by the Secretary-General of JCI Patan 2018, Jc Daisy Napit. Every student enjoyed the practice of learning by doing. There were some practical that students performed and enjoyed a lot.

Day 7: Jaycees Week Closing and Prize Distribution Programme

On the 7th day of Jaycees week i.e. 6th October 2018(20th Asoj 2075) we had a closing ceremony with the presence of JC Rabin Pokharel, area C assigned National VP as our chief guest. We had an art exhibition and prize distribution ceremony.

Jaycees Week 2018 programme coordinator : JC Ronish Parajuli (VP 2018, JCI Patan) 

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