JCI Patan, JCI World Clean Up Day 2018
2018-09-15 / 2018-09-15     06:00:00am - 11:00:00am    
Location : Mangalbazar, Lagankhel Organized By : JCI Patan

Following the JCI Values “The Brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations”, we five LOM of Area C (JCI Patan, JCI Kritipur, JCI Patan Lady, JCI Kathmandu Lady and JCI Champapur) jointly organised JCI World Clean Up Day 2018 today (15 September 2018) at Patan Darbar Square, Patan under the coordinator ship of JC Prabesh Malla (Fellowship Chairman, JCI Patan 2018). With this joint effort, we believe that we extended service to humanity and created the strong bonding of brotherhood among us.

It was the great pleasure to have our respected National President 2018 of JCI Nepal, JCI Sen Shreedhar Basyal & Assign National VP 2018 of JCI Nepal, JC Rabin Pokhrel. Where NP said that he was very happy that we manage to organised world Clean up day in a very short notice and thank all the president who involved in this event.

We start our Clean up move from Patan Darbar Square to Bangalamukhi Temple. Where all the president JC Suman Shrestha from JCI Patan, JC Narendra Maharjan from JCI Kritipur, JC Suzana Tuladhar from JCI Patan Lady, JC मानिता महेश्वर जोशी Manita Joshi from JCI Kathmandu Lady and JC Donib Ghimire from JCI Champapur along with all the members from five different LOM’s were actively involved.

In closing remarks, Jc Sajana Nakarmi (IPP of JCI Kathmandu Lady) special guest of today’s programme said, she was so delighted to be part of this event as she is also from Patan and thank everyone to make this effort and wish this movement continue ahead.

Kudos to National President, Assign National VP, supported LOM’s and President, programme coordinator, JC members.

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