Awareness Campaign “Use of overhead Bridge”
2019-08-17 / 2019-08-17     10:00:00am - 03:00:00pm    
Location : Ratna Park, Kathmandu Organized By : JCI Manohara

Jaycees Week, Day 2

JCI Mahonara organized an awareness raising campaign against violation of Traffic rules by the pedestrians titled “Use of overhead Bridge” on 17th August, 2019. The program was held under the chairmanship of Jc Rajani Thapa, President, JCI Manohora at Ratna Park, Kathmandu. The program coordinator of the program was Jc Arun Shrestha. The total number of participants was twenty five (25).

Objectives of the program:

·         To raise awareness among general public regarding basic traffic rules and use of overhead bridge.

·         To raise awareness on road accident caused by violation of traffic rules.

·         To motivate general public to use zebra crossings and overhead bridges while crossing road.

Outcome of the program:

·         The campaign helped reduce crossing of roads haphazardly.

·         The program helped motivate and encourage the pedestrian the importance of following traffic rules.

·         The awareness campaign also played an significant role in recognition of JCI Manohara and JCI fraternity among general public.

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