Awareness raising Campaign on “Cyber Crime”
2019-08-19 / 2019-08-19     11:00:00am - 04:00:00pm    
Location : Shree Aadarsha Secondary School, Kageshwori Manohara Organized By : JCI Manohara

Jaycees Week, Day 4

JCI Manohara organized an awareness raising campaign titled “Awareness raising Campaign on “cybercrime” which was conclude on 19th August, 2019. The program was organized at Shree Aadarsha Secondary School, Kageshwori Manohara under the chairmanship of Jc Rajani Thapa, President, JCI Manohara. The program coordinator of the program was Jc Diwakar K.c and the total number of participants was sixty seven (67).

Objective of the Program:

·         To equip the students and the participants with the adequate knowledge on use of social media, cyber crime its legal consequences.

·         To raise awareness among the participants regarding vulnerability and safety of use of internet and communicative electronic devices.

·         To provide the information relating to cyber laws in Nepal.

Outcome of the Program:

·         It was found the participants well equipped with the knowledge regarding cyber crime and cyber laws of Nepal.

·         The participation was very interactive regarding the use of social media and threat associated with it.

·         The participants were profited by the campaign and response was overwhelming.


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