JCI Marathon “Run for a Social Cause”
2019-08-21 / 2019-08-21     07:00:00am - 11:00:00am    
Location : Manohara Municipality, Kathmandu Organized By : JCI Manohara

Jaycees Week, Day 6

JCI Manohara organized a Marathon titled “Run for a social Cause” on 21th August, 2019. The program was held in Kageshwori Manohara Municipality, Kathmandu.  The Marathon was concluded under the chairmanship of JcRajaniThapa, President, JCIManohara. The chief guest of the program was Assign EVP Jc Amish Dhakal. The total number of participants was thirty two (32).

Objectives of the Program:

·         To raise awareness regarding social deformity.

·         To fulfill the social responsibility as a responsible citizen of Nepal by raising issues against social, economic and political deformity and contradiction.

·         To help social transformation and development of Nepal.

Outcome of the Program:

·         The public of KageshworiManohara Municipality were found to have recognized the efforts of JCI Manohara regarding the fight against social deformity and contradictions.

·         The participants of the program were found to have benefited by the event as they got an opportunity to discharge their responsibility as aresponsible citizen of the county.

·         The Marathon as an outdoor event that helped not only JCI Manohora but whole JCI Fraternity to connect with general public.

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