Jaycees Week Closing Ceremony
2019-08-25 / 2019-08-25     04:15:00pm - 06:00:00pm    
Location : Gagalphedi, Kageshwori Manohara Organized By : JCI Manohara

Jaycees Week, Day 7, Event-2

JCI Manohara organized an event to mark the closing ceremony of once week long Jaycees week. The program was held in ward no.1, Gagalphedi, KageshworiManohara under the chairmanship of JcRajaniThapa, President,JCIManohara. The chief guest of the program was national vice president of JCI Nepal Jc Mohan Dangi. Similarly, JcPramilaChapagain received certificate of appreciation and token of love as the outstanding program coordinator of the Jaycees Week.

Objectives of the Program:

·         The event was organized to mark the end of one week long Jaycees Week within which series of programs is organized.

·         To award the outstanding program coordinators and distinguished persons who played important role in concluding the programs successfully.

·         To review the concluded programs and their impact on targeted groups.

Outcome of the program:

·         The event helped to relieved form immense pressure of workload associated with Jaycees Week.

·         The closing ceremony was official declaration of discharge from responsibilities assigned to the program coordinators and volunteers during Jaycees week.



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