Corona Virus Awareness Interview with Dr Ramesh K Maharjan - JCI Kirtipur
2020-03-17 / 2020-03-17     02:30:00pm - 03:30:00pm    
Location : TU Teaching Hospital Organized By : JCI Kirtipur

On 17th of March 2020, we organized an awareness program for Corona Virus (COVID-19) in a different way than what others are doing. As mass gathering is stopped by government, we chose a different approach by educating people through social media. We went to Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj and interviewed Dr Ramesh K Maharjan (Senior Emergency Physician and Associate Professor).


In spite of his busy schedule, he managed his precious time to share some of his ideas on COVID-19. He gave information on various topics like

1.           Causes of COVID-19

2.          Symptoms of COVID-19

3.           Prevention measures

4.           Measures of cure

5.           Preparation of Hospitals and medical teams in Nepal for tackling COVID-19

6.           Self Isolation and its guidelines

7.           His request to general public regarding COVID-19


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In conclusion, he suggested people to boost immune system and not to be panic and in case of self-isolation; not to get in contact of outside people but can do the recreational activity to strengthen mental health. The main thing is to take care of hygiene and not to get Corona virus.

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