Mental Health Session
2020-02-29 / 2020-02-29     03:00:00pm - 04:30:00pm    
Location : Bluebird college Organized By : JCI Patan Lady


JCI Patan Lady Nepal conducted a program on mental health issues on February 29, 2020.  Altogether there were 16 participants including 12 board members and 4 members.

 The program started at 3 pm which was conducted by Mrs. Suchana Shrestha. She is currently working as a crisis counselor in the USA and has been handling under 18 kids who have attempted to commit suicide. She started the program by making us aware about the fearful situation regarding mental health in Nepal; inadequate counseling centers where only 2% of doctors of Nepal are able to reach out to the sufferers. Inadequacy of such centers made us realize the lamentable state we are facing at the present.

 After a brief discussion regarding the current scenario, an interactive session was held where each and every member had to share their personal hardships and experiences. The start was a bit hesitant for most of our group members but as the session went on; everyone opened up and shared their experiences. The session turned out to be very interactive and productive.

Further discussion was done about the fear of being stereotyped and judged for being vocal about mental health issues with ways to cope up with such fear. Moreover, a crisis plan was made by the entire group members in order to make it easier for us to handle depressive episodes. This was done to ensure our safety during difficult times.

The session was emotional yet very effective as we realized how important it is to be open about our mental health condition. This platform helped us to build our confidence and motivated us to spread awareness about mental health issues even more.

 Cost:- NPR 2500 for Token of appreciation and lunch


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