Feeding the way farer stranded due to lockdown
2020-04-13 / 2020-04-13     11:00:00am - 12:01:00pm    
Location : Tangikot chowk, rajahar Organized By : JCI Rajahar

The program was conducted by rajahar Jaycees to feed the 31  way farers coming from bhaktapur and heading for rolpa district who have arrived at rajahar in the morning of 13th April 2020, where full meal were prepared and served to them and , even the lunch packets for each of them along with a bottle of water was distributed.the program was co ordinated by EVP of rajahar Jaycees 2020 jc.Ishwor bahadur lohani,.In the program personalities like ward president of Devchuli 16 and other members of rajahar Jaycees were present.and the way fareras were assisted by police office of rajahar for getting vehicle to their journey.

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