Food Distribution Programme
2020-04-15 / 2020-04-15     09:00:00am - 11:00:00am    
Location : Likhu Tamakoshi -Khimti Ramechhap Organized By : JCI Ramechhap

JCI Ramechhap Food Distribution program organized by the Ramechhap Jaycees at Likhu Tamakoshi Village Municipality-6, Khimti, Ramechhap. Jiban Bahadur Karki (EVP) was the co-ordinator of this programe. We have distributed 810 Kgs rice, pulse 45 Kgs, Sugar 45 Kgs, Oil 27 Ltrs, Salt 44 Kgs to the 27 needy family through the President of Likhu Tamakoshi ward no.6 Shiva Pd. Neupane & Area Police Co-ordinator Jawan Shing Khatri. We designed this programme at the sustainable development Goal no. 2 zero Hunger. This program fills gap between communities expectation and Jaycees's contribution. This programme was organized with the collaboration of Local Woman Group, Ward no.6 office, and the Area Police. It show the bold personality of Jaycees in Community at demanded period.

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