Blood Donation Programme
2020-05-06 / 2020-05-06     07:00:00am - 11:00:00am    
Location : Likhu Tamakoshi -Khimti Ramechhap Organized By : JCI Ramechhap

JCI Ramechhap Blood Donation Program organized by the Ramechhap Jaycees at Likhu Tamakoshi village municipality-6 khimti, Ramechhap. JC Jiban Bahadur Karki (EVP) was the programe co-coordinator of this programme. Nepal red cross (Ramechhap chapter) was technically supported.At the program 65 people was blood donated. In the situation of lock down necessary to collect the blood and lack of blood being in country that programme held by jci  ramechhap. we designed this programme  at the sustainable development goal no.3 good health and well being. This programme was organized with the collaboration of local social organizations. we bearded the cost of rs 25000 amounted and rest from collaboration partners of Ramechhap Jaycees.we distributed JCI Ramechhap's 65 pics T- Short who donate the blood. we provided 65 pieces our official certificate to the blood donor. In this situation of  lock down due to lack of blood any patient will not be die that's why the blood donation programme was conducted.

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