JCI Ramechhp health equipment distributed program
2020-05-07 / 2020-05-07     09:00:00am - 11:30:00am    
Location : Manthali, Ramechhap Organized By : JCI Ramechhap

JCI Ramechhap: Helth equiptment distributed Program:

JCI ramechhap organized health equipment distribution program at Manthali Municipality Manthali-Ramechhap. JC Gyanu Shrestha (VP) was the program co-coordinator of this program. In the situation of COVID-19 increases the risk day by day for the front line medical person. We distributed heath equipments all the hospitals & health centers at Manthali Ramechhap in presence of Founder President of Ramechhap Jayces JC Janak Lama. We had distributed for Tamakoshi Sahakari Hospital 2pcs Tharmogun, 2 pcs PPE, 25 pcs N-95 masks and 50 Boxes surgical masks and we distributed to Primary Health Center Manthali, Tharmogun 1 pcs, N.95 Mask 10 pcs,, surgical mask 50 boxes and we distributed to Manthali Polyclinic Tharmagun 1 pcs, N.95 Mask pcs 10 pcs. And surgical Masks 50 boxes and we distributed to Ramechhap Community Hospital 1 pcs Tharmagun, N.95 Masks 10 pcs, and surgical mask 50 boxes. We designed this Programme at the sustainable development goal no.3 "good health and well being". .Total cost of the programme is Rs.1,70,000/- collected from the BOD.

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