JCI Ramechhap Health Equipment and Calender Distribution Program
2020-05-19 / 2020-05-19     08:00:00am - 10:00:00am    
Location : Sunapati- Ramechhap Organized By : JCI Ramechhap

JCI Ramechhap Health equipment and calendar distribution program

JCI Ramechhap organized health equipment and calendar distribution program at Sunapati Village Municipality Ramechhap. JC Sarswoti Raya(SG) was the program co-ordinator. In the situation of COVID-19 risks increases day by day to the front liner medical person and staffs of the ambulance use for patients. We distributes one/one piece tharmagun, 2/2 pieces PPE, 25/25 pieces N-95 masks to the health post situates at Hiledevi and Dahu through the vice-chairman of Sunapati Village Municipality Mrs. Gita Bista Chaulagain., we have given PPE set to the ambulance staff of Sahid Govinda Smriti Pratisthan on the program. We distributed 200 Pieces of our Official calendar on the program throughout the Sunapati Village Municipality, Ramechhap. Also, we distributed 300 pieces of surgical masks to the senior citizens throughout the Sunapati on the program.

We designed the program at Sustainable development goal no.3, 'Good health and well being' with the collaboration with Sunapati Village Municipality. Total cost of the program was Rs 51000.


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