Online Yoga Session (Multi Chapter)
2020-05-23 / 2020-05-30     06:00:00am - 07:30:00am    
Location : Zoom Id: 9143733047 Organized By : JCI Narayangarh

We JCI Narayangarh, JCI Kapan, JCI Butwal Lady and JCI Damak successfully conducted Online Yoga Session from 23rd to 30th May 2020 through Zoom App.
Thank you so much to Yoga Guru Durgadev Subedi for your dedication.
We are grateful to all Motivational Speakers, JCI Nepal National President Sen Ashok Sanker, National Officers, National Appointees and Neighboring LOM Presidents and members for your motivational participation.
#Program Coordinator : JC Shobhakhar Adhikari, Training Commissioner - Jci Narayangarh

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