Training on Menstrual Hygiene and making Homemade Sanitary Pad


Bhaktapur Jaycees with the financial support from Sunrise Bank Limited and technical support from Concept Studio had organized Training on Menstrual Hygiene and making Homemade Sanitary Pad on 5th June 2019 to mark World Environment Day in a school at Bhaktapur Municipality. 24 students had participated in the programme. This program aimed to reach 500 adolescents in Bhaktapur district but due to budget constraint, this program will reach hardly 125 adolescents but this organization is still trying for different resources to collect the budget and reach all 500 adolescents. This program includes the process of menstruation, menstrual hygiene, importance of homemade sanitary pad and its effect in both economic and environment of whole country and the world as well as making procedure of the sanitary pad. All of the participants were very active and excited during the training and we hope that they will teach other adolescents to make such homemade sanitary pad and use them during their menstruation. Teachers were also happy for such useful program which will be contribute in saving the community from pollution and hygienic product for their lovely students.

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