"Pre-Induction and LOM Training" by JCI Kirtipur and JCI Ramechhap


"Pre-Induction and LOM Officers Training" was organized by JCI Kirtipur in joint collaboration with JCI Ramechhap on 29th of February 2020, Saturday at Creative Academy, Kirtipur. There were altogether 29 participants including 9 board members from JCI Kirtipur and 8 board members from JCI Ramechhap. Other participants were new members of these chapters and there were also school students from Creative Academy who were eager to learn about JCI.


‌Program started at 11:55 conducted by Master of Ceremony and also program EVP JC Binesh Dongol. Program began with Dias call of JC Nagendra Singh (President JCI Kirtipur), JC Gopal Khadka (President JCI Ramechhap) and trainer JC Suman Kr Shrestha (President of JCI Patan 2018 and National Vice President 2019). After JC Narendra Singh’s outstanding welcome speech, JC Suman Shrestha took over the responsibility of trainer. He started with a thread joining altogether symbolizing that we are all together in this network. He also made us play games to educate us with what miscommunication can cause even if we know about the things which can negatively impact in any organization.‌

‌He also introduced what JCI actually is and what it does with its achievement till date which made positive impact to new members. In another session, he gave LOM Officers Training and made us clear what is the responsibility of each of the board member. His approach was innovative, interesting and informative.

‌After the training, certificate was distributed to all the participants by the trainer and shortly after that token of love was provided to JCI Kirtipur members by JCI Ramechhap president and to JCI Ramechhap members by JCI Kirtipur president. Program was ended on a high note by JCI Ramechhap president JC Gopal Khadka. Program was followed by lunch program and chit chat with fellow participants.

‌This program was outstanding because every participant gained lots of knowledge about responsibility and power of each board member along with meeting procedure. Even new members and school students were so motivated and interested in JCI.

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