Sanitizer Preparation Training against Corona Virus - JCI Kirtipur


Due to Corona Virus pandemic all over the world and to educate general public about sanitization, JCI Kirtipur organized “Sanitizer Preparation Training” on 21st of March, 2020 at Women Empowerment Hall in Panga Dobato, Kirtipur.

There were about 20 participants eager to learn how sanitizer can be made in home with simple ingredients found in home. Trainer was JC Binesh Dongol (EVP of JCI Kirtipur).

Training started with an introduction to Corona Virus (COVID-19) and importance of sanitizer to prevent it from spreading further. Trainer taught audience with two approaches of preparing sanitizer one with simple ingredients found in home and another with WHO specification.

WHO recommended proportion and materials (Total 500ml)


General approach


Alcohol 3 cups

Aloevera Gel 1 cup

Essential oil 15 drops


Alcohol (IsoPropyl or Ethanol only)


Alcohol   94% - 416.65 ml

Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2       4% -     20 ml

Glycerol 0.5 % - 7.25 ml

Distilled water 1.2 % - 6 ml

Essential oil 15 drops


With the motive to spread this knowledge, we also took the video and uploaded in youtube and also shared in all social media like Facebook, Instagram.

The link of youtube video is


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