Sanitizer and Mask Distribution by JCI Kirtipur


As Corona Virus (COVID-19) increased exponentially all over the world and Nepal was in the danger zone squeezed between highly infected China and India.

In current context, sanitizers and masks lack in Nepal and we started small initiative to distribute the sanitizers and masks to public in Kirtipur.


On 21st and 22nd of March we distributed the sanitizers that we prepared ourselves to public. We didn't had bottles so we which we got for cleanliness campaign last year, so we thought to distribute these masks for free to public.


We also planned to distribute more than 50 liters of sanitizer to all the households in Kirtipur Municipality but due to lock down we couldn't complete it but soon after this lockdown ends, we will continue this project of distribution of sanitizers.


The public had immense support on this cause and we will help public in future too.

used reused bottles which are easily available in everyone’s home. We had some packets of masks

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