Collection of messages to different personailties against COVID-19


As Corona Virus threat was to immense in the world but people in Nepal were being so careless about it. We started a campaign to collect messages against Corona Virus also as an awareness and warn people to obey government policies and avoid social contact.

We went to top politicians and social icons like

-         Mr Ramesh Maharjan (Mayor of Kirtipur Municipality)

-         Dr Ramesh K Maharjan (Emergency Physician of Teaching Hospital Tribhuvan University)

-         Ms Saraswant Khadka (Deputy Mayor of Kirtipur Municipality)

-         Mr Rajendra K KC (Member of Parliament)

-         Mr Pukar Maharjan (Member of Provincial Assembly State Bagmati)



These videos were collected and circulated through official JCI Kirtipur YouTube Channel, Facebook and Instagram accounts. It reached views more than 20 thousands. It has made a positive impact in our society.

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