JCI Kirtipur successfully conducted an online interaction session in the theme “JOURNEY FROM JCI TO BUSINESS ENTREPRENEURSHIP “ With technical support from JCI patan on 27th april 2020 at 1:30 PM to 3 PM.

The main speaker of program was JC Krishna P Dulal. Past president of JCI Kirtipur and past national treasurer (2011) and current president of NADA. He is one of the successful business entrepreneur who was involved in JCI movement.

Mr Krishna P Dulal has shared his valuable experience with all participants. He had expressed his concern in economic conditions of Nepal after lockdown. He had given various suggestions to the government. His journey from JCI member to entrepreneurship has provided lot of motivation to the young. The interaction session was very fruitful. Mr Krishna P Dulal could be the role model for JCI members who are in business.

National president Senator JC Ashok Shanker and past National VP JC suman Krishna Shrestha had made remarks on the program and provided gratitude to speaker and congratulated JCI kirtipur for successfully organizing the event.

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