JCI Pokhara-Training on Leadership and Effective Public Speaking to Women's Group


On January 16, 2021, JCI Pokhara organized a training to the women's group of Bagar Newa Mishaa Pucha. 20 plus women from the organization participated in the training which was held at Newa Chhe Auditorium Hall, Bhimsentole, Pokhara. Bagar Newa Mishaa Pucha is a women organization. 

The event started with a formal program with an introduction to the Trainers and the participants. The training was scheduled into 2 major sessions with the training titles as Leadership and Effective Public Speaking. The Leadership session was led by Trainer Jc Er. Kiran K.C., who is also the President of JCI Pokhara 2021. While the other session MC/EPSC was led by Trainer Jc Ganesh Giri, the Training Development Commissioner of JCI Pokhara for the year 2021. Jc Ananta Pradhananga, the Trainingpool Chairperson of JCI Pokhara also attended the program. All the participants were excited to be part of the training.

JCI Pokhara, besides empowering its members, has always been active in volunteering community activities. Especially, the training was led by the JCI Pokhara Trainers emphasizing the President's campaign "Our Society Our Responsibility (हाम्रो समाज हाम्रो अभिभारा )" to contribute as social services.

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