Radio Program - "Jaycees Awaj"
2021-07-17 / 2021-07-17     08:00:00am - 08:30:00am     Host Chapter: Damak

Location : Damak Organized By : JCI

Jaycees Awaj is a Radio Program partnership between JCI Damak and Radio Himshikahr 103.3Mhz, this was a conceptual program anticipate by JCI Damak 2021 president JC Suyog Kharel and designed by JCI Damak board. This program contains two parts, in the first part weekly JCI Damak activities NEWS is covered and in the second part interview with various JCI Leaders, National Officers, National Appointees, Chapter's President/Leaders, Past National Presidents, and Local President as well as other various JCI Leaders are covered.

In this 15th episode of radio program "Jaycees Awaaj" we took an interview with JCI Sen Netra Chamlagain ( President 2010, JCI Damak)

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