Food Distribution Program to 25 families
2020-04-07 / 2020-04-07     09:00:00am - 11:30:00am     Host Chapter: Patan Lady

Location : Lalitpur Organized By : JCI

With the generous funding received from members and others, JCI Patan Lady created an initiative to support families by supplying them with food.

Based on if they are able to cook or not, the much-needed food items are distributed to families in need during this time. They include the elderly, single head of household with limited or no support, brick factory workers, daily wage earners, rag pickers and shelter dwellers.

In the first phase, done in the Patan area, JCI Patan Lady distributed food to 25 families and will be serving more in the second phase. The more funding available the more families can be reached and served. The team is doing their best to make sure they have the right families to support, with no duplication. They are not able to go very far from their houses, as social distancing is crucial.

Members are finding families around their own area to serve the best way possible, making the best use of the resources at hand.

A special thanks to JCI Patan Lady Past President, JC. @Prabina Sharma for her work with coordination, our donors for this generous support and all the members who are working hard to help families.

Note:- We have asked the team not to take pictures of families receiving so we just have food items lined up.

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