JCI Jhumka organized; Engage Empower and Grow- Capacity Building Training


A half-day training session on Engage Empower and Grow has been organized on 19th February-2022 in Jhumka Jaycees. Targeted participants of the training were BoD members of JCI Jhumka and Jhumka Junior Jaycees. Altogether 30 participants including 9 females have participated in the training session. JC Dipesh Baraili-Training Coordinator of JCI Jhumka was the coordinator of the training. The Chief Pilot of the Training was JC Suman Krishna Shrestha (Past president of Patan Jaycees, NJC EVP-2021, and APDC Counsellor 2022 from Nepal). Executive Vice President JCI Jhumka JC Gobinda Koirala has presented welcome remarks and Mr. Baraili has presented the vote of thanks to all the participants and the contributors of the Training. 

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