On 21st of March , 2022, JCI Surunga had a chapter visit program by the assigned vice president of JCI Nepal, JC Kumar Singh Sanwa. The program was chaired by the president of JCI Surunga-2022, JC Susma Neupane whereas the program was co-ordinated by the Executive Vice-president of JCI Surunga-2022, JC Dipendra Pradhan. We also witnessed the valuable presence of the IPP of JCI Surunga-2022 , JC Yaduka Uprety and also the past presidents of JCI Surunga , JC Trilochan Uprety , JC Jabin Timsina  , JC Shiva Kadel and JC Kumar Pokhrel. The 2 hours long program was hosted by the Training  Coordinator of JCI Surunga-2022, JC Rishav Singh Chahar. 

The center of attraction, our assigned VP, JC Kumar Singh Sanwa, shared his insights on the overall activities of our LOM and gave us valuable feedbacks on various areas. The Secretary General of JCI Surunga-2022, JC Durga Pathak presented his report whereas the president,  JC Susma Neupane ended the event with her closing remarks. 

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