JCI Kirtipur Pre-Induction and LOM Officers’ Training


JCI Kirtipur organised Pre-Induction and LOM Officers’ Training on 20th January 2023 Friday 6 PM at Kirtipur Hillside Hotel & Resort, Kirtipur. The main motive of the program was to give an introduction of JCI to new interested members and also to train the LOM Officers for their responsibilities for the board 2023.

Chief trainers were JC Niroj Maharjan (JCI Kirtipur past president 2013) and JC Aashish Singh (JCI Kirtipur past president 2021). There were altogether 21 attendees and apart from board members, there were many new interested members. JC Niroj Maharjan gave the first training where he gave information about JCI to new members and also gave training on what JCI board consists of and responsibilities of all the board members. He gave training in a charismatic way and everyone was mesmerised.

JC Aashish Singh gave the second part of the training where he presented his slides on “POSITIVE MEMORY”. His presentation was a motivation to do anything which leaves a positive memory in any individual. His presentation definitely created a positive attitude towards the new board and new interested members.

Program was concluded with dinner and interaction of all the attendees and best wishes from past president JC Bikash Maharjan for the best wishes for the new tenure.

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