Zoom Meeting between JCI Kirtipur and JCI Ibaraki


Zoom Meeting between JCI Kirtipur and JCI Ibaraki, Japan was organised by JCI Kirtipur and this year’s first international meeting of JCI Kirtipur. This meeting took place at exactly 8 AM to 9AM Nepal Time on 18th of March, 2023.

JC Binesh Dongol (President JCI Kirtipur 2023), JC Niroj Maharjan International Coordinator (President JCI Kirtipur 2013), JC Aashish Singh GLC (President 2021) and JC Aman Rajak general member and translator were the representatives from JCI Kirtipur and JC Shinichi Kitamura (President JCI Ibaraki 2023), JC Masayuki Kobayashi (International Coordinator 2023), JC Nishimura Aya (Vice President 2023) were representatives from JCI Ibaraki, Japan.

Meeting started with general introduction of all the participants and after that discussion of JCI Ibaraki members visiting Nepal in May and again in September for the International Business Meet, Japanese team more than 20 members will visit Nepal in International Business meet along with discussion on cultural visit along with Business deals.
Discussion of the Nepalese team visiting Japan was also discussed in this meeting.

Discussion on Nepal Japan Friendship park was also discussed, the project which is undergoing. Other business related to export and import along with IT and Engineering were also discussed. Participation in ASPAC, Indonesia was also discussed.

In this way the first international online meeting was successfully conducted in the month of March.

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