On 23rd of March, 2023, JCI Surunga conducted an impactful session on " Secrets to Self-Development", where more than 65+ students of BBS level and members from various clubs were presented. The event was done in the chairmanship of reigning President of JCI Surunga, JC Prabin Timsina. The chief guest of the event was the deputy mayor of Kankai Municipality,  Mrs. Asha Sharma Siwakoti. The found of 'Bikalpa, an alternative ', youth motivational speaker,  social activist,  coming all the way from Biratnagar,  Mr. Basanta Adhikari was the trainer of the event.

The secretary of JCI Surunga-2023, JC Bibek Siwakoti was the coordinator of the event. JC Biman Lama,  the Organization Coordinator of JCI Surunga-2023, had recited JCI Creed whereas the individual sector 2023- Executive Vice President , JC Rishav Singh Chahar, had given light on the event through his speech. The secretary General of JCI Surunga-2023, JC Dipendra Pradhan Sudi had hosted the event.

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