Asia Pacific Conference (ASPAC) 2023


Asia Pacific Conference (ASPAC) 2023 was held in Jakarta, Indonesia from May 10-13th 2023. Altogether 10 representatives from Nepal participated in this event and the number of participants were more than 7000 from all around Asia - Pacific and also around the world. 

Our president JC Binesh Dongol was the only LO president from Nepal representing ASPAC. Lots of events were in the ASPAC like the grand opening ceremony, Business Matching, Twinning Ceremony, Senate opening ceremony, Assembly, National Nights, Debate Competition, Public Speaking Championship, Young Entrepreneurship Championship, World Peace Summit, Sightseeing etc.

These are the awards that are won by different local chapters but Nepal didn’t receive any award.

  1. Debating Champion was JCI Malaysia

  2. Public Speaking Champion was Sylvester Lim from JCI Malaysia

  3. Creative Young Entrepreneur 2nd Prize was Rico Tecyono from JCI Indonesia for Komunia Financial Technology winning free trip to JCI ASPAC next year

  4. Creative Young Entrepreneur 1st Prize winner was Nicholas Yap from JCI Malaysia with project Parkit winning free trip to JCI National Congress

  5. Best Local Business and Entrepreneurship Program, Winner Angat Buhay : Brgy Labangon Food Park Livelihood Program By JCI Cebu, Philippines 

  6. Best JCI RISE Project, Winner “From Grass to Glass”, Buhay Kalabaw (Carabao Life) – Kabuhayang JCI Carabao Life, Philippines 

  7. Best International Cooperation Project, Winner JCI Cebu, Philippines

  8. Best National Growth and Development Program, Winner JCI Mongolia Women Club

  9. Best Local Growth and Development Program, JCI Cebu Philippines : Ray of Hope, Rebuilding lives

  10. Best Local Community Impact Program, Waste to Green, JCI Johor Bahru Entrepreneur Malaysia

  11. Best Local Individual Development Program, Lonely Senior Citizens Shine Again JCI Kore, Japan

  12. Best Inter-Organization Collaboration Project, Green Future JCI Ian Kuren, Mongolia

  13. Best Local Global Goals Project, Comprehensive Child Development Program JCI Nagpur, India

  14. Most Outstanding Local Project, Winner “From Grass to Glass”, Buhay Kalabaw (Carabao Life) – Kabuhayang JCI Carabao Life, Philippines. Prize money $1000

  15. The most outstanding New Local Organization, JCI Surgai Pelari, JCI Malaysia

  16. The most outstanding Local Organization, JCI Kanazawa, Japan

  17. Most Outstanding Local President, Carol Wong, JCI Apex Hongkong

  18. Alexandra Dayrit ph, Baasanjav Enkhtur mon, Carol Wong JCI Apex Hong Kong

  19. Most Outstanding Member, Joyline Chai Nyuk Chuan, JCI Entrepreneur Morgorolm Malaysia

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