Effective Public Speaking Training by JCI Kirtipur


Effective public speaking training was organized by JCI Kirtipur on 3rd June 2023 at the secretariat office of JCI Kirtipur. Program was started at 11 AM and finished at 4 PM. Chief Trainer was JC Rasmi Shilpakar (JCI Bhaktapur Lady president 2013 and past National EVP) and another trainer was JC Niroj Maharjan (JCI Kirtipur president 2013) .

Training started with formal dias calls to chairperson of the program JC Binesh Dongol (President 2013), Chief Trainer JC Rasmi Shilpakar and Trainer JC Niroj Maharjan. After that JC Rasmi Shilpakar took the floor and had a presentation on public speaking fears and mitigation. She also did a practical session with all the participants and participants had a great learning on the training.

After that JC Niroj Maharjan took the floor with his real life examples which enlightened the participants and also they were highly motivated by his words.

After the training a formal closing was done with speeches from JC Binesh Dongol, JCI Niroj Maharjan, JC Rasmi Shilpakar and JC Aashish Singh. After a token of love to the trainers, the program was followed by snacks.

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