World Citizenship Congress (Metaverse) by JCI Kirtipur


World Citizenship Congress (Metaverse) was an international event organized by JCI Japan on 13th June 2023 at 11:45 AM in Metaverse. Metaverse is a world inside a digital platform where we can have any kind of event which impersonates the real world.

There were participants from all around the world but from Nepal only JCI Kirtipur was the participant and due to age bar only few members took part in this event. JC Pratik Maharjan, SG, JC Sudarshan Pokhrel, JC Isha Dangol, JC Samikshya Shrestha Maharjan, JC Nabin Maharjan, JC Elina Maharjan and our president JC Binesh Dongol.

There were different groups and our president JC Sudarshan was in group A where Sudarshan gave a presentation on “Status of Foreign workers in Nepal”. His presentation was very impressive. JC Samikshya, JC Isha and JC Elina were in group E where they presented on wages shortages and forced labor etc.

All and all the event was a boost to the members where participants from Nepal did a great job and got appreciation from all around the world.

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