JCI Rise by JCI


JCI Rise was an online event organized by JCI on 5th July 2023 and JCI Kirtipur took an outstanding participation in this event. This program was an educational program to let the world know about JCI Rise project winners from all four Areas of the world i.e, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, Europe and Americas.

From Asia Pacific, JCI Philippines won the award from project Buhay Kalabaw. JCI Hammam Chatt from Tunisia won the JCI Rise award in the Middle East and Africa. Trollenpad a project by JCI Belgium, won the JCI Rise award in Europe. JCI West Indies won JCI Rise award from the Americas with the project “Rise Spotlight Entrepreneur Expo”.

All the projects were explained so that we had a clear knowledge on what kind of projects we need to work on to impact the world.

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