Discussion on Landmark Worldwide

  • Name of Program : Discussion on Landmark Worldwide

  • Date : 05/04/2023

  • Venue : Google Meet

  • Presiding Officer : JC Binesh Dangol (JCI Kirtipur)

  • Purpose : Introduction to JCI Kadayawan Philippines and 

   know about Landmark Worldwide

  • Time/Duration : 6PM – 7 PM (1 hr)

  • Program details : This program organized by JCI Kirtipur and JCI 

Kadayawan Philippines, This was the first introductory meeting with JCI Kadayawan and also discussion on Landmark Worldwide, a web application for learning. The course offers leadership, entrepreneurship, emotional issues solving, business discussion, public forum etc.       

  • Impact : overall growth of personality and fellowship

  • Invest : Time

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