With immense pride and heartfelt gratitude, we are delighted to announce the triumphant conclusion of the Grand Finale of Vyasnagar Shining Star 2023, Season IX. Over the course of an incredible month, hosted by JCI Vyasnagar, we were privileged to witness the exceptional journey of our talented contestants. This remarkable journey was made possible through the unwavering support of our well-wishers, the dedication of our National Officers NEVP JC Rajani Thapa, NVP Jc Chandramani Bhusal, NVP Jc Soni Shrestha, the expertise of our esteemed judges Popular National Singer Mrs. Tika Prasain, Miss Teen 2022 Ms. Pratikshya Dongol, Popular Model, Actor and dancer Ms.Alisha Sharma, Kathmandu Jaycees President 2023 JCI Sen. Raphi Bhandari, the participation of presidents from different chapters, the guidance of past presidents spanning from 1994 to 2022, who have been integral to our journey since 1994.
We would like to extend our special thanks also express our deep appreciation to our Chief Guest- Mr. Baikuntha Neupane, Mayor of Vyas Municipality, (Charter Vice President of JCI Vyasnagar) who watched our grand finale until late into the night, despite the program's duration of approximately 8 hours. Your dedication and commitment are truly commendable for gracing our event with his presence. Your support and encouragement mean the world to us.
We express our deepest gratitude to the parents who entrusted us with their children's growth, the schools that embraced this initiative, the tireless efforts of our Education trainers, ramp walk choreographer Mrs. Susang Darai, Dance Coreographer Mr. Sarjan Thapa Magar, all online medias specially Khabarpunja & Damauli Online, newspapers, journalist and the sponsors whose unwavering support was the foundation of our success. Without you, we could not have achieved our goal of making Vyasnagar Shining Star 2023 a resounding success.
The past month unfolded as a whirlwind of inspiration and creativity as Vyasnagar Shining Star contestants showcased their exceptional talents, resilience, and passion. This journey has reaffirmed the boundless potential that resides within our community.
Programs like Vyasnagar Shining Star play an integral role in nurturing talent and fostering personal development among children’s aged between 10 to 15. They provide a platform for these young individuals to shine brightly, explore their capabilities, and take the first steps towards realizing their dreams. We witnessed the transformation of all participants, and their journeys inspire us all.
Beyond individual achievements, this program has strengthened the bonds within our community. The sense of camaraderie among participants, supporters, and supporters has been heartwarming to our entire community. It reminds us that when we unite with a shared purpose, we can accomplish extraordinary feats. Together, we celebrate the spirit of togetherness and achievement
Firstly, congratulations to all the top 20 Stars who have already proven themselves as shining stars in our community.
Special accolades go to our winners:
• Title Winner: Ms. Sadikshya Rana Magar
• 1st Runner-up: Ms. Ava Shrestha
• 2nd Runner-up: Ms. Sadikshya Thapa Magar
Different Award Winners:
• Best Personality Award: Shristi Thapa Magar
• Best Ramp Walk Award: Sadikshya Rana Magar
• Best Smile Award: Lidiya Bayalkoti
• Best Dress Up Award: Prinsa Gurung
• Best Discipline Award: Prashamsha Khadka
• Best Project Work Award: Ujwal Gurung
• Best Public Choice Award: Shristika Pradhan
• Best Social Contributor Award: Binisha Shrestha
• Best Photogenic Award: Youshika Thapa Magar
• Best Confident Award: Sadikshya Thapa Magar
Again, we extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of Vyasnagar Shining Star 2023. To our well-wishers, your unwavering support has been our guiding light. To our National Appointees and judges, your expertise and dedication enriched the competition. To the presidents from different chapters, your participation added prestige to our event. To our past presidents spanning from 1994 to 2022, your legacy is the cornerstone of our success. To our dedicated trainers, thank you for nurturing our contestants. To the parents who entrusted us with their children's growth, we are honored by your trust. To the schools, your collaboration has been invaluable. And to our sponsors, your generous support has been the linchpin of our achievement.
As we celebrate conclusion of this unforgettable extraordinary journey, we look forward to the future with great anticipation. Vyasnagar Shining Star will continue to be a beacon of hope, talent, and community unity. Together, we will illuminate the path toward an even brighter tomorrow.
This grand finale signifies not an end but a new beginning. Thank you for being part of this incredible journey. Your unwavering dedication and enthusiasm have been the driving forces behind our success.
Here's to a future filled with even greater achievements and shared moments of inspiration! Here are moments (Photographs) Collection of JCI Vyasnagar Shining Star-2023 Season IX Grand Finale held at Royal Palace vyas Municipality ward-2, Malebagar, Damauli Tanahun.
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