25th anniversary celebration and international business meet


The highlight of the program was the joint celebration of the 25th Anniversary of JCI Kirtipur and the commencement of the "International Business Meet 2023," which unfolded at the scenic Heritage Garden in Sanepa, starting precisely at 12:00 PM noon. The auspicious occasion was graced by the presence of distinguished guests, including Miss Miyuki Ishida, the First Secretary from the Japanese Embassy, and Miss Laura Simkiss, representing the U.S. Embassy. Their attendance added an international flair to the festivities.


The celebration witnessed inspiring congratulatory speeches and kind remarks delivered by Mr. Shinichi Kitamura, President of JCI Ibaraki, and Mr. Urabe Soma, Member of the Osaka Prefecture Assembly. These speeches resonated with the spirit of camaraderie and cooperation between the two nations.


Subsequently, the members of JCI Kirtipur engaged in meaningful interactions with their counterparts from JCI Ibaraki, fostering discussions on various historical, cultural, and social topics. This exchange lasted for approximately two hours, contributing significantly to the strengthening of friendships and mutual bonds.


From 2:00 PM local time, the spotlight shifted to the "International Business Meet 2023," where Japanese delegates and Nepalese youth entrepreneurs engaged in the fruitful exchange of business ideas, skills, and technology. This event marked a valuable platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration, further enhancing the international ties and fostering growth and innovation within the business community.

The Main Purpose of this events are as follows.

      Development of youth entrepreneurship and international business in Nepal.

      To develop mutual friendship, bonding and mutual cooperation between Nepal and Japan.

      Development of tourism in Nepal, Promotion of Nepalese tea, Coffee and handicraft in Japan.

      Introducing Nepal as an international hub for Information technology, Architecture and Engineering.

      To Uplift Nepalese Economy through International business.

      To invite Foreign Investment (FDI) in Nepal in various sectors.

      To Develop Energy Sector in Nepal (Hydro Electricity)

      To import Japanese skills and Technology in Nepal for Development.

      To promote international business in Nepal by finding suitable markets for their products and services. 

Some of the Major Sectors for business are as Follows:

      Coffee and Tea

      Nepalese handicraft and arts

      Concrete plant and technology

      Information technology and Engineering

      Import of Japanese sanitary parts and Japanese Goods in Nepal.

      Energy Sector, Hydropower

      Exchange of Manpower and skilled Labor for Japan work from Nepal.

      This Program was broadcasted in National Media (National Television) if Nepal AP1 Television.

After the business Meet the Program was followed by live Nepalese cultural Music and Dinner.

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