Joint Installation and Award Distribution Ceremony


Joint Installation and Award Distribution Ceremony

         Organizer: - JCI Kavre, JCI Kavre Lady, and Banepa Junior Jaycees (BJJ)

         Date: - 29 January 2023 (15 Magh 2079)

         Venue: - Araniko party palace

         Total number of participants: - 250+

         Area of Opportunity: - Community Area

         Chief Guest: - Hon. Kanchan Chandra Bade (Member of State Parliament)

         Special Guest: -

         JCI Sen. Bikash Manandhar, JCI Nepal National President

         JCI Sen. Shanti Ratna Shakya, Mayor, Banepa Municipality

         Guest: -

         Bimala Sapkota (Deputy Mayor, Banepa Municipality)

         Surkrishna Vaidhya

         JC Kumar Singh Sanwa (EVP, JCI Nepal)

         JC Saroj Adhikari (VP, JCI Nepal)

         JC Sen. Sushil Babu Shrestha (JCI Nepal National President, 2014)

         JC Rafi Bhandari, (President 2023, Kathmandu Jaycees)


         Program Details: -

Joint Installation Program of JCI Kavre, JCI Kavre Lady, and Banepa Junior Jaycees was held successfully on January 29, 2023.

                        It brought together the members of JCI Kavre, JCI Kavre Lady, and Banepa                              Junior Jaycees in a memorable and successful ceremony. The event was a c                                   celebration of leadership, camaraderie, and the commitment of the organization                             to community service. The program kicked off with a warm welcome to all                            attendees, including distinguished guests, members, and supporters. It featured                           inspiring speeches reflecting on the achievements of the past year and the vision                         for the future. Outgoing leaders shared their experiences and highlighted the                                 milestones achieved during their tenure.

                        The heart of the event was the installation of new leaders. The incoming                                        presidents and board members took their oaths, pledging to lead with                                             dedication and uphold the ideals of JCI. This transition of leadership marked a                               pivotal moment for the organizations, signifying a new chapter of innovation,                                service, and positive impact.


         The ceremony was interspersed with cultural performances, entertainment, and networking opportunities, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration among the attendees. The event concluded on a high note, with a commitment to continued excellence, community service, and the empowerment of individuals to create positive change.


         Impact: -

         Successful handover of leadership

         Local Government authority promises to collaborate with JCI Kavre, JCI Kavre Lady & Banepa Junior Jaycees.

         Resounding success, leaving participants inspired and motivated to contribute to the betterment of society in the coming year.

         Motivate: - Community people, JCI Members, Local Government authorities, political parties, journalists, and social activists.

         Invest: - Time, Money and Materials, Ideas, JCI Guideline

         Connect: -With JCI Nepal BOD, Area 'C' LOM Presidents, Government authorities, and Community People.

         Collaborate: - Kavre Jaycees, Kavre Lady Jaycees & Banepa Junior Jaycees, Government Bodies and Authority, Social organizations, Different ethnic groups, Journalist, Entrepreneurs, Women representatives, Political Parties, Social activists

Challenges Faced: - Lengthy Program, Time Management

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