BHALWARI JAYCEES Successfully Concludes Inter-School Futsal Tournament, Fostering Sportsmanship and Camaraderie.


RUPANDEHI , 2080 MAGH 5-6 : The BHALWARI JAYCEES 2024 recently wrapped up a thrilling Inter-School Futsal Tournament, leaving participants and spectators alike buzzing with excitement. The event, held at SUNRISE FUTSAL,TINAPA-7, BHALWARI, brought together talented young athletes from various schools across the city for a display of skill, teamwork, and sportsmanship.
Inclusive Competition and Skillful Showdowns::
The tournament, organized by the Bhalwari Jaycees aimed to promote healthy competition, physical activity, and camaraderie among students. Teams from sixteen different schools showcased their prowess on the futsal court, engaging in intense and closely contested matches. The level of sportsmanship and fair play demonstrated throughout the tournament underscored the positive impact of such events on the youth.
Bhalwari Jaycees's Commitment to Community Engagement:
The Jaycees Chapter, known for its dedication to community service, has once again proven its commitment to fostering a sense of community and encouraging youth engagement. The Inter-School Futsal Tournament provided a platform for students to not only showcase their athletic abilities but also build friendships beyond the classroom. the formal opening session was host by Jc Rupesh Pandey with appearance of TINAPA 7 WARD CHAIRMAN MR. DEVI PRASAD PANGENI jyu AS A CHIEF GUEST.
Closing Ceremony Highlights Achievements and Recognizes Outstanding Performers:
The culmination of the tournament was marked by a vibrant closing ceremony, where participants schools and organizer Bhalwari Jaycees gathered to celebrate the success of the event. Trophies and medals were awarded to the winning team SCHOLORS HOME with cash prize fifteen thousand and the first runner up LITTLE PARADISE E. B. SCHOOL with Rs. Ten thousand as well as individual accolades for outstanding players, top goal-scorers SAMIR BALAL from ST. JOSEPH E. B. SCHOOL, BEST KEEPER ANUBHAV A.C. FROM NAMASTE ACADEMY , BEST PLAYER SUBHASH WAGLE FROM LITTLE PARADISE B. SCHOOL and BEST TEAM BISWA EKATA ACADEMY.
The president of Bhalwari Jaycees Mr. cp Jeevan Bhattarai, expressed gratitude to the schools, participants, sponsors, SUNRISE FUTSAL Mani Prasad Pangeni, chief guest- ward chairman mr. @devi prasad pangeni jyu, IPP JC Madhav Pandey and all the active board members of Bhalwari Jaycees2024 whose contributions were essential to the tournament's success. They emphasized the role of such sporting events in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle among the youth, instilling discipline, teamwork, and leadership qualities.
Impact on Youth Development and Future Plans:
The Inter-School Futsal Tournament served as a valuable platform for nurturing young talent and promoting a culture of sports within the community. Bhalwari Jaycees has expressed its intention to continue organizing such events in the future, with plans to expand the scope and inclusivity of sports tournaments to further engage the youth.
In conclusion, the recently concluded Inter-School Futsal Tournament organized by the Bhalwari Jaycees not only showcased the sporting prowess of the participating schools but also reinforced the importance of sports in youth development. As the echoes of cheers and applause fade away, the positive impact of this tournament on the community is likely to endure, leaving a lasting legacy of teamwork, friendship, and a passion for sport.
programme coordinator - jc Arun Panthi
programme conducted by jc rupesh pandey {opening ceromony }
jc Min Tiwari {closing ceremony}
Registration - JC Laxman Dhungana
videography - jc Nitesh Pandey
CHIEF GUEST - ward chairman tinapa 7, devi prasad pangeni jyu
venue: sunrise futsal- TINAPA7 Bhalwari
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