Self-Makeup Training Program - Collaboration with Cosmo Makeup Studio


Self-Makeup Training Program - Collaboration with Cosmo Makeup Studio


 Hosted by: JCI Manohara

 Date: 26th January 2024 (2024/01/26)

 Location: Kageswori Manohara-2

Collaboration Partner: Cosmo Makeup Studio


JCI Manohara successfully hosted a Self-Makeup Training Program on the 26th of January 2024, in collaboration with Cosmo Makeup Studio. This initiative aimed to empower individuals with essential self-makeup skills, fostering confidence and self-expression.

 Key Highlights:

• Expert Guidance from Cosmo Makeup Studio:

 • Certified makeup artists Neha Shrestha from Cosmo Makeup Studio conducted hands-on training sessions, offering valuable insights into self-makeup techniques.

 • Participants received personalized guidance, enhancing their ability to create various looks for different occasions.

 • Inclusive Participation:

• The program welcomed participants of diverse ages and backgrounds, promoting inclusivity and encouraging self-expression through makeup.

• Attendees had the opportunity to share tips and experiences, fostering a supportive community within the training sessions.

• Interactive Workshops:

• Interactive workshops covered fundamental makeup techniques, product knowledge, and skincare tips, ensuring a holistic approach to self-grooming.

• Participants actively engaged in practical exercises, gaining confidence in their ability to enhance their own natural beauty.

 • Cosmetic Product Distribution:

• As part of the collaboration, Cosmo Makeup Studio provided participants with cosmetic products for practice and encouraged the use of quality products for a better makeup experience.

 • This added element ensured that attendees could apply what they learned during and after the training sessions.

 Future Collaborations:

JCI Manohara looks forward to future collaborations with Cosmo Makeup Studio and similar partners to continue offering valuable skills enhancement programs that contribute to personal development within the community. Community Impact: The Self-Makeup Training Program not only equipped participants with practical skills but also contributed to building a community where individuals can express their creativity and enhance their confidence through self-grooming.


The collaboration between JCI Manohara and Cosmo Makeup Studio for the Self-Makeup Training Program was a successful initiative in promoting self-expression, confidence, and skill development within our community. We believe that by investing in such programs, we contribute to the personal growth and empowerment of individuals.

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