Harmony Breath - A Gentle Journey to Wellness in Golden Years Program Hosted by: JCI Manohara


Harmony Breath - A Gentle Journey to Wellness in Golden Years Program  Hosted by: JCI Manohara

Venue: Dhapakhel Manab Sewa Ashram

Trainer: Rita Shrestha

Date: 29th January 2024 (2024/01/29)

 Introduction: JCI Manohara hosted the "Harmony Breath: A Gentle Journey to Wellness in Golden Years" program at Dhapakhel Manab Sewa Ashram on the 29th of January 2024. This program, led by renowned trainer Rita Shrestha, aimed to promote holistic well-being for seniors through mindful practices.


Key Highlights:

 • Mindful Breathing Techniques:

• Trainer Rita Shrestha guided participants through gentle and mindful breathing techniques, emphasizing their benefits for mental and physical well-being.

• Attendees learned techniques to enhance relaxation, reduce stress, and improve overall respiratory health.

• Chair Yoga and Gentle Movement:

• The program incorporated chair yoga and gentle movement exercises suitable for seniors, promoting flexibility and enhancing mobility.

 • Rita Shrestha's expertise ensured that the exercises were accessible and enjoyable for participants of varying fitness levels.

• Mental Wellness Discussions:

• Interactive discussions focused on mental wellness, encouraging participants to share their experiences and insights on maintaining emotional balance in the golden years.

 • The program aimed to address not only physical health but also the importance of mental and emotional well-being.

• Community Connection:

• The event facilitated community connection among the residents of Dhapakhel Manab Sewa Ashram, fostering a supportive environment for seniors.

• Participants had the opportunity to socialize, share stories, and strengthen bonds within the community. Trainer Rita Shrestha's Expertise: Rita Shrestha's expertise in holistic wellness played a crucial role in the success of the program. Her guidance ensured that participants experienced a gentle and enriching journey towards enhanced well-being.


Conclusion: The "Harmony Breath" program hosted by JCI Manohara was a heartwarming and beneficial experience for seniors at Dhapakhel Manab Sewa Ashram. Through mindful breathing, movement, and community connection, we aimed to contribute to the overall wellness and happiness of our respected elders.

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